Faculty of Law UPN Veteran Jakarta

Satino, S.Sos., M.H.

Assistant Professor of Civil Law

Satino, born, Wonogiri, December 04, 1963 (58 years ago). I joined the Jakarta Branch of UPN Veteran starting on February 1, 1987, with Decree Number: 04/SDK/CJ/I-1987 dated January 2, 1987. Graduated from Undergraduate Education (S.1) at Respati Indonesia University (URINDO) in 1998, graduated from the Master of Law Program (MH) at the Veteran National Development University Jakarta in 2012, with a scientific work entitled: Criminal Law Enforcement in Illegal Logging Cases Viewed from Law Number: 41 of 1999 concerning Forestry (Case Study of Mountains in Wonogiri Regency). Career as a Permanent Lecturer of UPN Veteran Jakarta since 1999 at FISIP and the Faculty of Law starting October 1, 2017, with the Decree of the Rector of UPN “Veteran” Jakarta Number: 582.1/UN61/KP/2017 Dated September 25, 2017, Regarding Mutation of Assignment as a Permanent Lecturer of S.1 Law Faculty of Law UPN “Veteran” Jakarta.

Has produced scientific works as the primary author and member, among others: 1) Legal Protection of Trademarks (Review of Tupperware Versus Tulipware Trademarks) 2). Legal Protection of Trademarks (Review of Tupperware Versus Tulipware Trademarks). 3). Settlement of Dual Certified Land Ownership Disputes. 4) Socialization of Child Protection Law in the Youth Organization Rt. 07/01 K.elurahan Bahagia Babelan District Bekasi Regency West Java. 5). The Role of the Press in Law Enforcement Viewed in Terms of Law Number 40 of 1999 concerning the Press 6). Legal Protection of Workers who Experience Sexual Harassment in the Context of Realizing State Defense. 7). Indonesia Legal Protection of Workers Who Experience Sexual Harassment in the Context of Realizing State Defense. 8) Adoption Of The Child Does Not Go Through Court Proceedings. 9) Freedom and The Role of The Press on Law Enforcement Reviewed in The Perspective of Law Number: 40 Of 1999, Concerning The Press 10). Nature of National and State. 11). Legal protection of workers who experience sexual harassment to realize State Defense. 12). Problematics of Insurance Companies That Failed to Pay the Customer. 13). Adoption of the Child Does Not Go Through Court Proceedings 14). Legal Arrangements of Law Enforcement in defense of the State to Strengthen the Defense of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia. 15). Political Health Law in Indonesia in Baros District, Serang District. 16). Ratio Legis Decision of the Constitutional Court Number 122/PUU-XIII/2015 Related Testing the Act of Number 39 2014 about Plantation. 17). Socialization of the Dangers of Narcotics, to Early Adolescent Children, in Pangkalan Jati Baru Cinere District, Depok. 18) Law Enforcement in the Development of Social Media. Publication information can be through Google Scholar Satino Correspondence via email: satinowonogiri@gmail.com. and Sinta ID 6667580 and Scopus ID….

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