Fakultas Hukum UPN "Veteran" Jakarta

Prikasih Hospital

Prikasih Hospital is a hospital that supports the needs of a pluralistic and dynamic surrounding community. This concept also proves the commitment and consistency of services that prioritize service quality and patient satisfaction. Facilities and services provided by Prikasih Hospital, namely Emergency Room, Inpatient, Outpatient, Medical Support, Special Facilities, and Public Facilities.
Address: Jl. RS. Fatmawati No. 74 Pondok Labu – Cilandak, South Jakarta 12450
Distance: 160 m

Puri Cinere Hospital

Puri Cinere Hospital is a private hospital that has been established since 1991. Puri Cinere Hospital has a vision to realize a referral hospital for health institutions in the surrounding area. With the Mission of providing integrated, high quality and safe health services, can satisfy patients by having a social function. Facilities and services provided by Puri Cinere Hospital, namely Pharmacy, Ambulance, Surgical Installation, Inpatient Installation, Outpatient Installation, Physiotherapy Installation, Canteen, ATM, Musala, Parking Area, Medical Check Up, Laboratory Installation, Radiology Installation, Waiting Room, Emergency Unit (ER), Neonate Intensive Care Unit (NICU), and Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU).
Address: Jl. Maribaya No.1 – Puri Cinere, Depok, West Java, Indonesia 16514
Distance: 3.5 Km

Fatmawati Central General Hospital

Fatmawati Central General Hospital (abbreviated as Fatmawati General Hospital) was established in 1954 by Mrs. Fatmawati Soekarno as a hospital specializing in Child TB and its Rehabilitation. On April 15, 1961 the organization and financing of Fatmawati Hospital was handed over to the Ministry of Health so that the date was designated as the anniversary of Fatmawati Hospital. In the course of Fatmawati Hospital, on August 11, 2005 based on the Decree of the Minister of Health No. 1243/MENKES/SK/VIII/2005 Fatmawati Hospital was established as a Technical Implementation Unit (UPT) of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia by applying the Public Service Agency Financial Management Pattern (PPK BLU). The services provided by Fatmawati General Hospital are: Emergency Room, Amarilys Clinic, Medical Check Up Service, Umrah Vaccination Center Service, Wijaya Kusuma Clinic, Growth and Development Clinic, Integrated Spine Service, Griya Husada Executive Outpatient, Hemodialysis Service, Blood Tansfusion Unit Service, Inpatient Service, Orthopedic and Medical Rehabilitation Services, Endometriosis Center, Medical Rehabilitation Services, Pathology Services, Special diagnostic services, Radiology Services, General Outpatient Services, Applied Program for Methadone Therapy (PTRM), Services at the Forensic Installation, and Corpse Services.
Address: Jl. RS. Fatmawati Raya No.4, RT.4/RW.9, Cilandak Bar, Kec. Cilandak, South Jakarta City, Special Capital Region of Jakarta 12430
Distance: 2.8 km

Mayapada Hospital South Jakarta (MHJS)

Mayapada Hospital is a general hospital network established in 2008 by Mayapada Healthcare Group, in collaboration with National Healthcare Group (NHG). With a vision to be the first choice in quality healthcare, Mayapada Hospital strives to provide the best integrated healthcare services with quality systems and technology for every patient. Facilities and services provided by Mayapada Hospital South Jakarta (MHJS), namely Pharmacy, Intensive Care Unit, Ambulance, Surgical Installation, Endoscopy Installation, Inpatient Installation, Outpatient Installation, Parking Area, Medical Check Up, Laboratory Installation, Radiology Installation, Child Care Room, Waiting Room, Emergency Unit (ER), Neonate Intensive Care Unit (NICU), Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU), and Hemodialysis. The hospital’s flagship services consist of: Tahir Neuroscience Center, Tahir Uro-Nephrology Center, Obstetrics and Gynecology Center and Cardiovascular Center and there are other centers of excellence.
Address: Jl. Lebak Bulus I, No.Kav. 29, RT.6/RW.4, Lebak Bulus, Cilandak, South Jakarta, Jakarta 12440.
Distance: 2.5 Km

UPN Veteran Jakarta Polyclinic

UPN Veteran Jakarta Polyclinic is one of the health facilities available on the UPNVJ Campus that can be used by all UPNVJ residents at any time during working hours. This health facility is also supported by doctors and assistant doctors as a place to consult patients in it.
Address: Jl. Limo Raya, Limo, Limo Sub-district, Depok City, West Java 16514.
Distance: 0 Km

Cilandak Sub-district Health Center

Puskesmas or Cilandak Sub-district Community Health Center, which has been established since 1975, is a health service facility that is present to provide health services to the community, especially to the Cilandak sub-district community in order to create a healthy and independent community. The Cilandak Sub-district Health Center has five sub-district health centers located in each sub-district in Cilandak Subdistrict which Always strives to provide the best service to the community. The Cilandak Sub-district Health Center has more than 200 medicaland non-medical professionals.

The Cilandak Sub-district Health Center has two types of services, the first is UKM or Community Health Efforts. UKM is any activity to maintain and improve health and prevent and overcome the emergence of health problems by targeting families, groups, and communities. These SME services include PM-PTM integrated screening, catin examination, Cilandak Smart Swab, C’merlang Earth Class, CCTV, Flick Free Village, PISPK KPLDH.

Then the second is UKP or Individual Health Efforts. UKP (Individual Health Efforts) is an activity and or a series of health service activities aimed at improving, preventing, curing disease, reducing suffering from disease and restoring individual health. UKP includes a 24-hour service room. MCH Room, Maternity Room, Elderly Examination Room, Lung Examination Room, General Examination Room, Immunization Room, Nutrition Room, Non-Communicable Disease Room (hypertension, high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, diabetes), Laboratory Room, MTBS Room, Dental & Oral Examination Room, Hajj Room, KB Room, Counseling Room (HIV), PKPR Room, Kesling Room, Pharmacy Room, Psychologist Room, Catin Examination Room, STI Examination Room, PAL Corner, KTPA Service, Lactation Room.
Address: Jl. BNI 46 Complex No.57, West Cilandak, Cilandak, RT.4/RW.5, West Cilandak, RT.4/RW.5, Cilandak Bar., Kec. Cilandak, South Jakarta City, Special Capital Region of Jakarta 12430
Distance: 3.6 km

Pondok Labu Urban Health Center

Puskesmas Pondok Labu provides health services to the surrounding Pondok Labu community. Because there is only one primary health care facility in Pondok Labu urban village, it has become the main first-level health care center in Pondok Labu urban village. Among the five urban villages in the Cilandak sub-district, Puskesmas Pondok Labu is the one with the highest number of patients. Puskesmas Pondok Labu has a building area of 256.32 M² with a length of 17.8 M² and a width of 14.4 M². Before the Puskesmas was established, there was a Maternal and Child Health Center (BKIA) which functioned to serve the health of mothers and children including family planning services. Along with the times and the increasing population growth that has an impact on health services, the Pondok Labu Urban Health Center was established in 1976. Puskesmas Pondok Labu Village has physical facilities consisting of, Counter, Head of Puskesmas Workspace, KB Workspace, MCH, MTBS Room, Drug Warehouse, Drug Unit, Waiting Room, Employee Toilet, Pharmacy, UPG service room, UPU / RTD service room, Action Room, Hall, Administration, Kitchen, and Laboratory.
Address: Jl. Pd. Labu Raya No.7, RT.3/RW.7, Pd. Labu, Kec. Cilandak, South Jakarta City, Special Capital Region of Jakarta 12450
Distance: 1.1 km

Darusyifa Mulia Primary Clinic

Klinik Pratama Darusyifa Mulia is a health facility in the form of a clinic that provides a variety of services, including general services, dental services, laboratories, obstetrics & gynecology services, and 4D ultrasound. Darusyifa Mulia Primary Clinic is open to the public on Monday-Saturday at 08.00 – 21.00. For general services, Darusyifa Mulia Primary Clinic has two doctors in charge, namely Dr. Arief Darmawan who has a practice schedule on Monday and Thursday at 08.00-22.30 and Tuesday And Wednesday at 08.00-14.00. Then, the second doctor in charge is Dr. Tantri Sopia who has a practice schedule of Tuesday 14.00-22.30, Wednesday 14.00-22.30, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 08.00-22.30. Then for obstetrician services, Darusyifa Mulia Primary Clinic has two doctors on duty, namely first, Dr. Annisa Hadisty, Sp.OG who has a practice schedule on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday at 19.00complete. While the second doctor on duty, Dr. Tama, Sp.OG, has a practice schedule on Saturdays 12.00-finished. Obstetrician services also serve several services in the form of Promil, Contraception, 2D ultrasound, 4D ultrasound, Transvaginal ultrasound, and normal labor.
Address: Jl. Karang Tengah I No.78, RT.4/RW.8, Lb. Bulus, Kec. Cilandak, South Jakarta City, Special Capital Region of Jakarta 1244
Distance: 1.4 km

Soedaryanto Dentist Dental Clinic

Soedaryanto Dentist Dental Clinic is a health facility, especially in the field of dental health that provides services for various kinds of dental problems. With doctors who are friendly, polite, and explain each dental case clearly and coherently and the workmanship is very neat and clean. Then, Soedaryanto Dentist Dental Clinic also provides prices that are cheap compared to other dental clinics. Soedaryanto Dentist Dental Clinic applies a system to make an appointment first if you want to make a visit to the clinic.
Address: PLI Complex, Jl. Margasatwa, RT.1/RW.3, Pd. Labu, Kec. Cilandak, South Jakarta City, Special Capital Region of Jakarta 12450
Distance: 2.4 km

Mediko Farma


Address: Jl. Pinang Raya 10 Pondok Labu, Cilandak, South Jakarta. Distance: 2.2 km

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