Faculty of Law UPN Veteran Jakarta

Syamsul Hadi, S.H., M.H.

Assistant Professor of Constitutional Law

Syamsul Hadi, born in Jambi on August 7, 1961, completed his bachelor of law at the Faculty of Law, Sriwijaya University in Palembang in 1986 with the thesis title “Review of Assistance Duties by Law No. 5 of 1974 concerning Regional Government Systems”. Obtained a Master of Law at the Faculty of Law, the University of Indonesia, in 2008 with the final project “Arrangements in the Determination of State Universities as State-Owned Legal Entities – A Legal Study.” He started his career as a civil servant of the Ministry of Education and Culture in 1989-2005 in the field of organization, management, and position analysis. He changed to the Ministry of National Education. In 2006, drafting legislation and legal advocacy was carried out until 2016 at the Ministry of National Education, which turned into the Ministry of Education and Culture. 2017-2019 worked in drafting laws and regulations at the Legal and Organizational Bureau of the Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education. In September 2019, he switched his duties to become a lecturer at the Faculty of Law, Universitas Pembangunan “Veteran” Jakarta, in Constitutional Law and State Administration Law. Currently, he is also a member of the reviewer team for the change of state universities (PTN) to PTN that apply financial management patterns based on public service agencies and a member of the reviewer team for the shift in PTN to PTN legal entities at the Directorate General of Higher Education, Research and Technology of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology.

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