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Dr. Handar Subhandi Bakhtiar, S.H., M.H., M.Tr. Adm. Kes.

Lecturer of Criminal Law

Handar Subhandi Bakhtiar, born in Parepare April 28, 1993. He studied Bachelor of Law at the Faculty of Law, the Muslim University of Indonesia, from 2011-2015. Master of Law at the Faculty of Law, Hasanuddin University Makassar in 2015-2017. Master in Applied Health Administration at the STIA LAN Makassar Polytechnic in 2020-2022. Doctor of Law at the Faculty of Law, Hasanuddin University Makassar, 2017-2020. Since 2021, he has been a Lecturer at the Veteran National Development University, Jakarta. Studying Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure Law, Forensic Medicine Law, Health Law, and Air Law. Has written several scientific papers in the form of journals both national and international journals, including :


In 2022:

(1) Corruption Eradication in Indonesia during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

(2) Criminal Justice System.


In 2022:

(1) Implementation of the Clinical Pathway Paradigm in Achieving Cost-Effectiveness in Health Financing (Systematic Literature Review).

(2) Health Social Security Financing in Medical Rehabilitation.

(3) Health Financing Planning In Hospital.

(4 )The Implementation of A Health Financing System Through Health Promotion In Indonesia.

(5) Dualism Towards Regulations on The Supervision of Advocates In Indonesia.

In 2021:

 (1) Medicolegal service procedure (Visum ET Repertum) during the covid-19 pandemic.

 (2) Bekasi City Government Policy In Financing Stunting In Children.

 (3) Limitation of Harbormaster Responsibility in Ship Accidents. 

(4) The Principles of Good Governance in Health Services.

 (5) The Function of the State in Providing Health Services: Indonesia Perspective.

 (6) Legal Policy in the Prevention of Narcotics in Indonesia.

 (7) The Validity of Marriage Agreement Regarding Properties in Unregistered Marriages.

 (8) Model Of Punishment: Juvenile Justice Systems.

 In 2020 :

 (1) Health and law: Euthanasia in Indonesian legal perspective.

 (2) The Imposition of Sanctions for Children.

 (3) Legal Standing and Authority of the Regional Representative Council in the Indonesian Constitutional System.

 (4) Insult and Defamation through Information Technology: Indonesia Perspective.

 (5) Sanctions on Children: Comparative Studies of Indonesia and Netherlands.

In 2019 :

 (1) Autopsy: Law and Culture In Indonesia.

 (2) The Regulation of Autopsy In Indonesia. 

(3) The Essence Of Autopsy In The Criminal Investigation Process.

 (4) Criminal Justice System of Children in Indonesia. 

(5) The Practice of Registering Ijab Qabul Via Online in the Marriage Contract Process in Makassar.

 In 2018 : 

(1) The Practice Of People Smuggling in Indonesia: Draconian Laws for a Better Life. 

(2) Head of State, Head of Government and Foreign Ministress Immunity in International Law.

In 2017 :

 (1) Harmonization of “Uang Panaik” as a Customary Term in the Bugis-Makassar Ethnic Group and Dowry in the Indonesian Marriage System.

 (2) Offshore Installation Removal in the Interest of Navigation Safety from an International Law Point of View.

 (3) Model of Child Prisoners Counseling (A Comparative Study in Japan, Malaysia, and Indonesia). (4) Custody Services of The Human Rights Perspective.

 (5) The Regulation of Religious Freedom in Indonesia and International Law Perspective. 

(6) Legal Arrangements Regarding the Adoption of Children in Indonesia.

 (7) Role of Law in Dealing with the Cyber ​​Crime and Social Change.

 (8)Violation Of The Sovereignty Of Indonesia Airspace By Foreign Aircraft.

 (9) Legal Aspects Of Environmental Health On Sanitation Hygiene Of Refill Drinking Water Depot. (10) Implementing the National Health Insurance Scheme in the Public Health Center in Palopo City In Indonesia.

 (11) Legal Analysis Of Crime Terrorism And Counter-Terrorism Strategy

In 2016 : (1) Air Defense Identification Zone (Adiz) In International Law Perspective.

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