Faculty of Law UPN Veteran Jakarta

Dian Khoreanita Pratiwi, S.H., M.H.

Assistant Professor of International Law

Dian Khoreanita Pratiwi, was born in Bukittinggi on June 26, 1991. Graduated from Andalas University with a Bachelor of Law in 2008 with the title of a scientific paper “Indonesian State Jurisdiction Against the MV Sinar Kudus Ship Hosted by Somali Pirates on the High Seas in Review of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea 1982” and completed his Master of Law studies at Andalas University in 2014 with a scientific paper entitled “The Authority to Trial Perpetrators of Piracy on the High Seas Based on the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea 1982 (UNCLOS 1982)”. Career as a Permanent Lecturer at the Faculty of Law, UPN Veteran Jakarta, since 2019 in the field of International Law studies. 

Actively producing scientific works both as primary author and member, including:

  1. Implementation of Indonesian State Jurisdiction in Combating Piracy and Sea Robbery Based on International Law (2017),
  2. Implementation of Universal Jurisdiction Principles Regarding Eradication of Crimes of Sea Piracy in Indonesian Territory (2018),
  3. Juridical Review of Smuggling Interfaith Marriage Law Based on Law Number 1 of 1974 concerning Marriage (2018),
  4. Implementation of the Principles of Universal Jurisdiction Regarding the Eradication of Maritime Piracy Crimes in Indonesia (2019),
  5. Authority of the Constitutional Court in Testing the Act on Ratification of International Treaties (2020),
  6. Marine Security Indonesian Border Areas as a Form of State Sovereignty Protection (2020),
  7. Prospects of Implementing Mutual Legal Assistance Against Transnational Tax Crimes (Study of Reciprocal Agreements between Indonesia-Switzerland) (2020),
  8. The Analysis of Government Program Implementation in the Fulfillment of Home Needs for the Poor (2021),

publication information can be via Google Scholar Dian Khoreanita Pratiwi and Sinta ID 5989573. Correspondence via email: diankhoreanita@upnvj.ac.id

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