Faculty of Law UPN Veteran Jakarta

Mulyadi, S.H., M.H.

Assistant Professor of Civil Law

Mulyadi, was born in Kuningan, West Java, on May 5, 1963. His undergraduate law education was obtained from the Faculty of Law, Bhayangkara University, Greater Jakarta (2000-2001), with a scientific work entitled Inheritance Problems in Civil Law Aspects. Master of law from the Faculty of Law, UPN “Veteran” National Development University Jakarta with the thesis theme; Criminal Liability and Proof of Malpractice of Doctors (2013). He started his career as a lecturer in 2001 at UPN Veteran Jakarta and, in 2009, joined the Faculty of Law of UPN Veteran Jakarta as a Lecturer.

Active in producing scientific works, books, and national and international journals, among others: The Influence of Legal Development on Criminal Law Enforcement and its Problems (2012). The Integration of the Police as Investigators and Public Prosecutors in the Framework of the Criminal Justice system (2012), The Influence of Globalization on the Cultural Development of the Nation and the Young Generation in Indonesia (2013), Factors Causing Why Gambling is Difficult to Eradicate in the Bekasi Resort Police Area (2013), Criminal Liability and Proof of Doctor Malpractice (2013), Legal Protection of Children Who Commit Criminal Acts of Maltreatment in the Perspective of the Criminal Code and Law Number 35 of 2014 concerning Child Protection (Case Study of Decision Number: 2/Pid.Sus.Anak/2019/PN.Dpk) (2019). Children’s Rights in Obtaining Legal Protection, Study of Street Children Exploitation in the Bekasi City Area) (2020). The Role of Correctional Bureau In child Criminal Case Stefflement Trouugh Diversion (2021), Health Law in the Aspect of Medical Personnel (Teaching Book Creation Th. 2019 / copyright). 10. BOOK OF STATE DEFENSE The Implications of Legal Development for National Law Enforcement in Realizing State Defense Awareness, (2020), LAW ENFORCEMENT IN THE PANDEMIC AGE OF COVID-19; Children’s rights in obtaining legal protection in aspects of human rights where the covid-19 pandemic, (2021), Laws In Beauty Malpractice Acts (2021), Juridical Analysis of Evidence of Criminal Acts of Dissemination of Immoral Content (2020), Crime of Romance Scam in Online Dating Sites in Indonesia (2021), and Legal Protection Against Addicts and Victims of Drug Abuse (2021). Publication information can be through Google Scholar Mulyadi and Sinta 6665891 Correspondence via email: …..

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