Faculty of Law UPN Veteran Jakarta

Kayus Kayowuan L, S.H., M.H.

Assistant Professor of Criminal Law

Kayus Kayowuan Lewoleba, was born in Atawatung, East Flores, Lembata, NTT on January 27, 1972. He graduated from the University of Nusa Cendana Kupang NTT with a Law Degree in 1997 with the title of a scientific paper, “Settlement of Inter-Village Disputes in the District of East Kupang Based on Law No. 5 of 1979 concerning Village Administration”. He completed his Master of Law studies at the Veteran National Development University, Jakarta, in 2012 with a scientific paper entitled “Studies on Sociological Aspects of Resolving Domestic Violence.” He has had a Career as a non-permanent Lecturer at UPN Veteran Jakarta since 2003 and appointed as a permanent Lecturer at the Faculty of Law at UPN Veteran Jakarta in 2016 with the fields of study of Criminal Law, Child Protection Law, Legal Sociology, Criminology, and Judicial Medicine.

Besides that, he has been actively teaching at the University of Persada Indonesia YAI, Faculty of Psychology, from 2013 to now. Actively producing scientific works as the primary author and as a member, among others: ). Understanding the True Meaning of Democracy is published in Bina Widya Magazine Vol.16. No. 01, April 2005. 2). Violence Against Children and Its Protection Efforts, published in Bina Widya Vo.17. No. 2 July 2006. 3) Getting to know Health Law (a brief review) Published in Bina Widya Magazine Vol 18 No. 1, April 2007. 4) Understanding Philosophy as Popular Knowledge (a brief review) published in Bina Widya Vo magazine. 19 No. April 1, 2008. 5) Euthanasia in Law, Religion, Ethics, and Human Rights was published in Bina Widya Magazine {{{No. 19 No. 2 July 2008 Edition. 6) Sexual Violence Against Children in the Legal Perspective of Child Protection published in Bina Widya Magazine Volume 23 N0. 5. August 20012.7) The Effectiveness of Consumer Protection Law in Reducing the Circulation of Foods that are not Halal Certified is published in the Journal of the Law Arena, Universitas Brawijaya. 8) Study of the Factors of Sexual Violence in Children published in the Journal of Legal Essence Volume 2 No. June 1, 2020, 9) Legal Protection for Child Victim of Human Trafficking published in the International Journal of Multicultural and Multireligious Understanding Volume 1 Number 2 March 2020. !0) The Role of Correctional Bureau in Child Criminal Case Settlement through Diversion Volume 4 Number 3 March 2021. 11) Legal Protection for Children Victims of Commercial Sexual Exploitation During the Covid-19 Pandemic Article in Book Chapter Dies Natalis of the Faculty of Law 2021. ).

He actively guides students in producing joint scientific papers published in accredited national and international journals. Publication information can be obtained through Google Scholar Kayus Kayowuan Lewoleba and Sinta ID 6653725. Correspondence via email: woodsklewoleba@upnvj.ac.id

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