Faculty of Law UPN Veteran Jakarta

Dr. Heru Sugiyono, S.H., M.H.

Assistant Professor of Procedural Law

Heru Sugiyono, was born in Madiun, on January 15, 1976. He graduated from Hang Tuah University Surabaya with a Bachelor of Law in 1999 with the title of his scientific work “Existence of Article 344 of the Criminal Code Against Physician Accountability (Overview of Euthanasia Associated with Human Rights)”. He completed his Master’s study in Law at Gadjah Mada University Yogyakarta in 2011 with a scientific paper entitled “Legal Protection Against Third Parties By Not Implementing Prudent Banking Principles in Credit Agreements Using Collateral, and completing his Doctoral Study Program in Law at Brawijaya University in 2021 with a scientific paper entitled Fair Profits in a Cooperation Agreement between the Government and Business Entities related to the Granting of Toll Road Concessions. Career as an Advocate and Legal Consultant since 2000 at 24-Hour Law Clinic, Indonesian Legal Mediation Institute, Indonesian Legal Handling Foundation, and Law Firm Budisantoso. Non-Permanent Lecturer at the Faculty of Law UPN Veteran Jakarta from 2012 – 2017. Permanent Lecturer at the Faculty of Law UPN Veteran Jakarta since 2017 in Civil Procedure Law and Legal Practice.

Actively producing scientific works both as main author and member, among others: Legal Protection of Third Parties as Collateral Owners When Prudential Principles are Not Implemented by Banks in Credit Agreements Using Collateral (2017); Implementation of Government Regulation No. 24 of 1997 concerning Land Registration Linked to the Land Sale and Purchase Model according to Customary Law in Tanjungsari, Bogor Regency (2019); Disparity Of Judges’ Decisions In Civil Dispute (2019); Legal Certainty in Arbitration Awards That Are Final and Binding (2020); The Law of Arbitration Rules that are Final and Binding (2020); The Power of The Peace Deed is Decided by The Judge (Van Dading Deed) in The Presence of a Lawsuit by The Third Party (2020); The Implementation of Ultra Petita Decisionsin Civil Dispute (2020); An Application of Open to Public Principles in Electronic Trial Through E-Litigation (2020); Legality of Ownership Rights to Land Indicated Removal (2020); The Legality of the Toll Road Concession Agreement which has Revenue Its Investment and has Obtained a Reasonable Profit (2020); Implementation of the Execution of Bani Decisions in the Settlement of Civil Disputes (2020); Problematics of insurance companies that failed to pay the customer (2021); Granting of Toll Road Concession Concessions that have Returned on Investment and Obtained Reasonable Benefits (2021); Plantation Regulation In The Palm Industry Sector In The Omnibus Law Of Employment Creation (2021); Increasing Understanding of Transnational Legal Aspects for People in Depok City (2021); Increasing The Family Law Aspects Understanding For Depok City Community (2021); Application of the Pacta Sunt Servanda Principle in the Business Space Lease Agreement (2021); Legal Implications for Rebroadcasting of World Cup Broadcast Content by Broadcasters Without Licensee’s Permission (2021); Legal Protection of Outsourcing Workers’ Rights for Termination of Employment by Employer Service Provider Companies (2021); Legal Protection for Famous Brand Holders in Indonesia (2021).

Actively guiding students in producing joint scientific papers published in accredited national and international journals. Publication information can be obtained via Google Scholar Heru Sugiyono and Sinta ID 6658050. Correspondence via email: herusugiyono@upnvj.ac.id

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