Fakultas Hukum UPN Veteran Jakarta

Year 2021

Syauki Lukman Sofwan, NIM 1610611166 has won the title of 3rd place in the National Men’s Recurve Team championship at the INDONESIA MEMANAH 6 2021 activity organized by the Indonesia Archery School Program on January 17, 2021,

Year 2020

FRDM national level writing competition, Islamic law fair, Universitas Diponegoro

Taekwondo competition at the national level E – Poomsae 2020 a.n Rivangela Win Ayu Lukita

Year 2019

1st place in the Riau Law Fair debate competition held by the Faculty of Law, Universitas Riau

Congratulations and success to the UPNVJ Faculty of Law students who have won 2nd place in the Pancasila Debate Competition 2019.

Thank you to the supervisors who have guided the students so far.

The delegation team consisted of: Denethia Sausan (2017), Astri Astari (2018) and Alfa Fitri (2018).

Veteran Legal Competition which was held by Law Faculty Students UPN Veteran Jakarta for the first time. This activity was held on November 1-2, 2019 at the Faculty of Law, UPN Veteran Jakarta.

Year 2017

UPS won second place in the National Moodcourt competition at Universitas Negri Semarang, as well as won the best file champion, best Legal Advisor, best Court clerk.

Year 2015

A study visit by lecturers and students of UPN Veteran Jakarta to Nanjing Xiaozhuang University, China.

Year 2014

Latsitadarnus XXXIV activities in Banyuwangi Regency, East Java, June 14 – May 5 2014.

Year 2013

– Outreach activities and workshops for the National entrepreneurship movement (GKN)

Jendral Sudirman building 4th floor, with participants:

  1. Desi Anggraini 1110611033
  2. Ilham Fathu Ridho  1110611076
  3. Adi Firmansyah  1110611062
  4. Maya Veruni P  1110611008
  5. Muthia Sakti 1110611012

– KKN-PPM activities in Pandeglang, Banten.

Year 2012

Pengkaderan and Organizational Training

place of activity: Padepokan Suryo Panguripan

participant: UPNVJ Faculty of Law students

Year 2011

– Kadarkum Competition Central Level

organizer: Kemenkumham BPHN

– Participating in the Futsal Tournament among Law Faculty students in Jabodetabek.

Place: Universitas Nasional 18-25 May 2011.

Year 2008

Law Debate Competition among Students in South Jakarta

Competition date: 12-13 November 2008, the auditorium of the 4th floor of Jendral Sudirman building.



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