Fakultas Hukum UPN Veteran Jakarta


  1. The assessment of each course includes 4 (four) components:
Task (Independent & Group)20%
UTS (Mid Semester Exam)20%
UAS (Final Semester Exam)45
  1. Credit system learning, the learning period is the odd semester, even semester and intensive semester. Face-to-face learning activities and structured assignments. The exam consists of the Mid-Semester Examination (UTS), the Final Semester Examination (UAS) and the Comprehensive Examination (thesis proposal presentation and thesis defense presentation). Assessment of passing the exam is as follows:
GradeRangeGrade Point
A80 – 1004
A-78 – 793,7
B+74 – 773,3
B70 – 733
B-65 – 692,7
C+60 – 642,3
C55 – 592
C-50 – 541,7
D+45 – 491,3
D40 – 441
E< 400,00
TLTidak Lengkap / Incomplete (If one of the components is empty)
  1. Study monitoring is conducted every semester. Monitoring is carried out by the Head of Study Program and faculty leaders assisted by PA lecturers. The minimum academic achievement per semester is a GPA of 2.00 and 12 credits per semester. Students are threatened with dropping out of study if their achievement is below the minimum standard. Students under the minimum achievement are given a probationary semester until the third and / or fourth semester.
  2. Students are declared to have dropped out of study at the end of semester 4 or 8 or 14 because they do not meet the minimum academic achievement. A certificate of having attended college is given to students who drop out of study / resign. Resignation can be submitted by students at any time as long as it is still within the study period.
  3. Incentive Semester (SI) is held 1 (one) year and 1 (one) time on even semester lines for 1 (one) full month. S1 as a means of improving grades (repeating) for courses that have been taken with passing or not passing results. The number of credits at S1 is limited to no more than 16 (sixteen) credits. The maximum value on Incentive Semester is B+.
  4. Study Load and Study Period

a. Terms of credit load and study period

1Maximum number of credits per semester24 credits
2Minimum credits load per course2 credits
3Maximum credits load per course4 credits
4The minimum limit for the number of semesters for the undergraduate program8 semesters
5Maximum limit of the number of semesters of the Undergraduate Study Program (excluding academic leave)10 semesters
6Maximum limit of academic leave4 semesters
7The total minimum number of credits for the Undergraduate Study Program of Law246 credits

b. Provisions for the number of credits taken each semester are based on the IP (Achievement Index) of the latest KHS (Study Result Card).



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